The Residential Inspection Includes:


Between loans, moving trucks, and window treatments; you have enough to worry about. We are here to make sure that your first shower is a hot one... but not too hot. Our inspection includes identifying the type of plumbing in your new home so you know what to expect. We inspect all fixtures, including the water heater, for proper function and to identify any leaks. 

Interior & Exterior

You can be sure we'll do a thorough inspection inside and out and top to bottom. We inspect the walls, floors, ceilings, and stairways including

cabinets, doors, and windows. We also look for any signs of abnormal or harmful condensation or water penetration to the structure.

We inspect the condition of the exterior property including walkways, driveways, balconies, and the overall grading of the landscape. 

We also inspect the HVAC and venting systems in accessible attic areas, as well as adequate insulation. 

Heating & Air Conditioning

Your home's temperature in the desert is essential. Our certified inspectors start by identifying the type of air conditioning and heating systems your home has including the distribution, energy source, and number of units/systems. We open all readily accessible access panels/covers so the enclosed components and controls can be evaluated and run the systems to assess if they are functioning properly. 

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Whether it's with a ladder, binoculars, or a flying robot, we are putting eyes on your roof. We will ensure there are no visible leaks, broken or missing tile shingles, or birds camping out in your chimney. 


The future is now. We have all kinds of electronics from TVs, tablets, and cell phones to toothbrushes and electrical cars that charge in your garage. Add those to appliances like your refrigerator and washing machines and you've got to wonder if your electrical system is on overload. We'll check how much power you have and how it's protected to keep you safe.

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